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quick trading

Quick Trading

With price, data and financial information from over a million sources at one platform, decisions were never made that fast.

finding opportunities

Finding Opportunities

Contextual and relevant financial information from markets, events,  companies and businesses for identifying opportunity and staying ahead of the curve.

sharper decisions

Sharper Decisions

Concise and precise analytics based on a wide set of data on your finger-tips to make decisions with a higher degree of accuracy.

We understand and value the equation of our relationship.

At Vinod Group, it’s a relationship beyond broking.

News & Updates

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Vinod Group’s out of the box and disruptive tech offerings would go a long way in increasing the much needed equity penetration in India.

Vinod Shares has become a force to reckon with as a discount broking firm which is innovating rapidly and winning loyal customers.


I take this opportunity to compliment Vinod Group on your continuous attempt to keep improving and adapting to meet evolving investor needs and preferences

Avinash Kabra